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Earthscapes Services

Bobcat Hire

For excavation work, moving soil, leveling ground, drive ways, the list is endless. We have multiple attachments for the bobcat from pallet forks for moving palletised materials or big landscape rocks, we even use them to move small garden sheds and kids playhouses to name just a few things we have shifted.

The soil conditioner is for getting the ground ready to lay turf or grass seed from the back yard to the paddock. It cleans the soil of stones and other debris, levels the ground and leaves a firm but suitable seed bed. If you have horses or other live stock it is used to rejuvenate your fields by filling in holes left by hooves and spreading manure and removing sticks and rubbish from the paddock. A lot of the time there isn't even a need to put down new grass seed as the original grass will come away again but if new grass is required we can offer you different options to suit the application.

The soil conditioner will even deal to your gravel drive way. Most of the time you don't need more gravel to sort those pot holes just the soil conditioner followed by and small roller will give you back your perfect driveway.

Auger or drill for post holes, piles or even planting trees is available on the bobcat; it excels at long runs of post holes as the machine moves faster than a digger and has more lift power then an equivalent sized digger. Drill bits from 150mm up to 1200mm and up to 3m deep with the bobcat and 6m with the excavator. Special teeth are available to drill rock when need be.

1.8 Ton Excavator

Our small digger is able to shrink down to fit through just about anywhere, it is able to go through a 1m wide gap but once in the job can push itself back to 1400mm wide for extra power and stability.

We have a drill rig on this machine like on the bobcat and all the drill bits are interchangeable.

It is a great machine for drilling holes in tight spots or where machine weights can be an issue.

We also have a grapple fitted to this machine to help with tree work, but it is also helpful on the building site for moving rubbish, posts and timber.

This machine is extremely light on its feet and can access most places with little to no disturbance.

6 Ton Excavator

The 6 ton excavator is a new addition to our fleet and is currently only set up with buckets for excavation work but we can access drill rigs for this machine, contact us for details. If a bigger machine is required still contact us as we have close relationships with other contractors and often work side by side to deliver a quality job at a fair price.

Truck Hire

From our 7 and 9 ton mini trucks for tight access drive ways to big truck and trailer units for all aspects of work please contact us with your requirements. We have a long standing relationship with Albany transport; they supply us with the bigger trucks and all our metal supplies.

Hard and Soft Landscaping

We provide hard and soft landscaping, we are able to provide you with everything outside your house from the drive way, lawns, patios and gardens. Fences decks and retaining walls are all possible through us; we have long standing relationships with some of Auckland's top landscapers and other specialists. All our plants and trees are sourced locally, normally from one company as this keeps down the price as we aren't shopping around trying to find what you want.

Erosion and Silt Controls

Property maintenance from your back yard in the suburbs to the 5 acre block right up to big farms, whether it be a small fence repair or a row of trees fallen through a fence. Fixing a wet patch in your lawn or clearing drains down the back give us a call and we will get you sorted.

Erosion and silt control measures before construction and excavation begins. Plan, supply and install the best silt control measures to suit your job and keep council happy to. They must be kept in place during construction of your property.


Need a parking solution that just blends in when not in use or want something out of the ordinary, or you're building a new horse arena? JakMat is what you need.

It is like gobi blocks or turf stones but it's made from 100% recycled plastic here in Auckland. It is faster to lay, doesn't require the prep work of turf pavers and is far more versatile. From a lawn that can be driven on to the race way into the sheds or yards and under the horse arena, JakMat is able to hold the final surface together better, No more annoying pot holes in your gravel drive way, it can be filled with soil for grass, gravel and pebbles for drive ways or under the horse arena to keep it firm.

Contact us with your requirements and we will endeavour to get it sorted for you.