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Tree Operations Services

All aspects of trees are covered:


Planting of trees from Re-veg root trainer grades through to 1500 litre specimen trees. We can source and plant your tree or just deliver it and give you instructions on how best to plant your tree.


Pruning trees for shape, light, view enhancement, safety and clearance for vehicles or foot traffic. Most trees that fail in storms have never been pruned; pruning can greatly reduce damage done to the tree done by abnormal weather conditions. Fruit tree pruning to get access to the fruit easier and better quality fruit. Looking for a home orchard? Talk to us about it, we can design and plant your orchard, we can advise on how to get around issues like clay soils.

Removing treesRemovals

Removals are best left to professionals, all types of tree removal from that small shrub stopping the window opening to the big tree overhanging multiple hazards to clear felling of trees on your farm or lifestyle block. We have a range of equipment to remove any tree anywhere; we are experienced using cranes and helicopters to deal with problem trees in hard to access places.


Tree consultancy and reports for trees around buildings or when a tree is impacting on the life of someone else. Pre and post construction reports or health reports for digging in the root zone. Tree protection zones around trees to protect them from construction traffic or damage to the roots or the trunk of the tree.

Tree Protection

We have a product that is for use around trees that are being saved but access around roots is needed without affecting the health of the tree. JakMat is laid around the tree and then filled with a permeable product such as soil or pebbles this allows air and moisture to reach roots and the jakmat can flex to accommodate the root growth below. It can be used as a temporary or permanent fix and looks great.

We have specialised gear to undertake the most difficult jobs quickly and efficiently, the same gear is often used on simple jobs to make it faster and more cost effective.

Mulch and Firewood

We can supply mulch and firewood. Mulch supplies are dependent on what schools need mulch as they get first pick with the trees in schools programme but we can source from another company for you. We try to drop mulch close to the job. If a bulk amount of mulch is required, 10m or more, contact us to get a price.

Firewood comes three ways: logs for the person with a chainsaw and a big enough yard, rings that are already fire wood length just need to be split, or split fire wood that is ready to burn. Contact us for available stocks.